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    At Our Academy.

    We tend to

    bring modern coaching techniques and superior equipment to deliver unmatched coaching standards for our clients at affordable prices.

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    Every Kid has potential,

    and we can

    aid in the development of their motor skills, physical health, leadership & team building skills in addition to fighting the contemporary epidemic of inactivity and obesity in children.

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    Its Just a Little Push

    Every Season we

    organize tournaments that engage the entire community ecosystem around the school centers. These community level sports programs can exponentially increase a child's motivation, perceived competence and enjoyment especially with the involvement of their parents.

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    Sports are about Motivation

    Motivational Climate:

    The motivational climate that in2sports training creates can have enduring effects on a child. The climate created can is based on an extrinsic goal focus, where external rewards such as trophies or recognition are emphasized, and an intrinsic goal orientation, where satisfaction comes from skill mastery and personal improvement.

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    Because It plays a role.

    Age & gender Specific Programs

    Specialized age and gender specific sports training programs with effective coach student ratios in accordance with modern scientific findings.

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Why should your kid be in to sports?

  • Age Appropriate

    Involving your kid in to sports at an early age means development of physique, team chemistry and tactical analyzation,

  • That Extra Push

    Always motivating your kid will not hamper his growth. Constantly, pushing your kid to try harder will only boost their development.

  • Competitive Spirit

    Sports just like real life have competition and it is a great value for a kid to learn. Competition always pushes the kid to improve himself.

  • Life lessons to Learn

    Some kids are perfectionists and there are a lot of things they spontanously work on to improve their performance. Their are a lot of life lessons kids learn while indulged into sports.

for the hidden Messi

Training programs

for the little Jordan

  • INR2750.00/mo.

    Skill X TM

    Yearly Session

    A core development program focused towards building and adapting the correct form and technique for the respective sports while enhancing technical skills and physical & mental strength for each child, indiscriminately.

  • INR3500.00/mo.

    Summer Fit TM

    Annual Summer Program

    Held every year with the aim to move your child from the TV to the playground by motivating him/her towards the benefits of physical activity and building a long term passion and interest in sports, with our FUN based curriculum and our friendly coaching methodology.

  • INR4000.00/mo.

    In2sports JR.


    In2sports Jr. is our specially designed sports program for kids aged 3-6yrs. Our unique curriculum focuses on growth, balance, coordination and most importantly taking instructions from a leader (coach) all in a FUN and SAFE environment.

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    In2sports Elite

    1-on-1 Training

    For athletes who are determined to be the best and who want to improve each and every facet of their game, we offer personalized coaching sessions that identify weaknesses and then customized an individualized plan that tracks the performance and improvement of the athlete.

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Select the City & Location

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Corporate Bookings

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Well tailored sporting events for corporates ensuring quality time and team building activities. Plus, the fun that comes for free.

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International Sports Tour

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We believe exposure plays an important role in the development of a kids potential. It can double with international tours. Last year we organised in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Sports Tournaments

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Competition keeps every game alive. It is the only time to check one's development. And Parents can always watch.

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