In2sports, a grassroots initiative, is a premier, new age sports training academy providing basketball and football training to school going youth with the aim of uplifting youth participation in sports, in India.

We envision to be India's first and largest professionally managed premier multisport training academy network and are committed to provide the most broad yet specialized and revolutionary sports coaching & development services in the market. Established by consultants and investment bankers with a deep passion for sports and fitness, the firm is highly committed towards advancing youth sports to new levels of quality, consistency, enjoyment and professionalism.

Our unique curriculum is based on some of the most successful youth systems in the world that are proven to enhance effective learning of the sport, while also aiding in the development of children's personality, motor skills, physical health, leadership & teamwork skills and in fighting the contemporary epidemic of inactivity and obesity in children. The training and fitness curriculum are age and gender specific, and have been made in consultation with prominent Indian coaches and fitness experts. in2sports also brings in modern coaching techniques such as continual performance tracking, nutritional guidance and superior equipment to deliver an unmatched coaching experience. Besides youth coaching, in2sports is also dedicated to hosting unique sports events and tournaments (for cricket, hockey, basketball, football, baseball and ultimate frisbee) for local communities and corporates.


In2Sports has developed a unique approach to physical and sports and physical development by combining tested coaching curriculums from the world leaders in sports and fitness education while incorporating greater life lessons and classroom learning into our lessons. The curriculum has been custom formed to ensure that children have TONS OF FUN in our programs while driving toward EXCELLENCE and building a CHARACTER of a true ATHLETE.

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In this day and age of technology, children often spend too much time on television or playing video games. Sports’ training is a productive alternative as children start having more FUN as they learn the sport better. This form of EXERCISE helps keep your child engaged while staying HEALTHY and in SHAPE.


At in2sports we believe children must engage in 60 mins of sports or other forms of physical activity on a daily basis and highly encourage them to engage in atleast one form of team sport as well. Participation in sports helps build self esteem, build confidence, improve social skills and build a goal oriented mindset. Some of the sports offered at our centers included Basketball, Football, Kick Boxing, Badminton, Table Tennis and Skating.


Our coaches follow a “hands-on-approach” to training wherein they actively involve themselves in each student’s progress, placing a strong emphasis on effort and perseverance. To ensure this, we utilize a formulaic, proven method to sports development and demonstrate each student’s progress through a system of tracking and reporting. Such tracking is an integral part of our system as it allows not only the coaches to see where certain students lie in ability, but also provides the children and parents with a reference to the child’s improvement and deficits vis-à-vis benchmarks.


Children come from all social backgrounds with differing skills and physical abilities; therefore, at In2sports we place equal emphasis on each child’s individual performance. We value determination and effort immensely and encourage ‘race against self’ rather than beating your opponent. Our coaches are taught and trained to bring out the best in an athlete by using positive reinforcement and an uplifting motivational environment during the sessions.


Coaching at in2sports emphasizes on healthy and disciplined living. This facet of coaching extends beyond sports and provides tips and recommendations for discipline, habit formation, placing emphasis on sound dietary selection and nutrition as well as making responsible life choices and improving overall quality of life. Our curriculum follows a wholesome approach to sports that engage students to work on themselves in many regards thus improving him/herself as a person rather than just an athlete.


The lessons and virtues necessary for success in sports are also those needed for success in life; therefore, we believe our coaching has an effect and importance beyond sports. Our coaches take their position very seriously and always think in terms of the children’s benefit, not letting moods or temper affect your mentoring one bit. We understand that maintaining a positive atmosphere is crucial to a child’s development and for this reason our coaches ALWAYS use methods of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT rather than criticism or negative feedback, in coaching. Even among the children, any negativity or bullying is discouraged and children are taught to develop a SPORTMAN’s ATTITUDE.

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