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Enrollment and Fees

In order for the smooth functioning of our academy it is important that the fees is paid ontime by the clients. We typically send you 2 reminder msgs once your child's fee becomes due. Incase your child continues to attend classes after 2 formal fee reminders then a late fee charge of Rs. 300 is charged after a 10 delay in paying the fee.

The registration fee is an administration fee that it used to maintain the children's records and to communicate necessary information about our program to the client eg. text messages, promotions, fee reminders, etc.

We accept cash and cheques drawn in the name of 'in2sports'. Incase you prefer to pay online the centre supervisor can assist you with the NEFT details.

You may enroll your child by taking him to the associated centre and filing out the registration form after taking the free trial. You may also download the form beforehand from our website.

Our Program

It is normal for some children to feel disinterested or tired through the initial phase since their bodies are not used to the sport and because they have a short attention span for taking instructions from coaches. We recommend you to encourage your child to play for atleast 3 moths after which they would start enjoying the game as they get better at it. From a social interaction perspective, 3 months is ideal time for your child to have made some friends within their batch which would excite their interest levels.

It is normal for children to feel tired after extensive physical activity. We recommend that you ensure a good diet for your child both before and after coaching. Before workout its good to have easily digestible carbs such as a banana 45 min before exercise and after workout its good to replenish fluids by consuming natural juices or coconut water.

At In2sports we feel that the earlier the child starts the better it is for their growth and development. Most of our centers start enrolment from the age of 5yrs. We also have dedicated In2sports Jr. centres that start enrolling children as young as 3yrs.

All students are eligible for a free trial. This gives both the client and the coach to assess the level and comfort of play and recommend a suitable batch accordingly.

Incase your child hasn't played any sport before, we recommend that he/she starts with whatever sport they are interested in and then switch every 3-6 months to learn more sports. Once they know 3-4 sports they would be better equipped in deciding what they enjoy the most. For kid below 5 we recommend starting with football since other sports usually require fine motor skills which are still not fully developed in younger kids.

Research suggests that children aged 5 and above should clock in atleast 45-60 min of cardio based guided physical activity daily. At in2sports most of our batches operate thrice a week for 60 min each. Although we recommend playing daily, we understand that children have multiple activities that they are engaged in and hence we thrice a week batches are ideal for them to start learning and enjoying the benefits of sport.

Leave Policy

You may cancel your subscription at any time by sending us a text or email on our registered mobile or email. Any prepayment made to us shall be forfeited.

We are one of the few academy's that have built a flexible leave policy within our program. in most cases, you are entitled to 2 informed leaves every month for which extension is provided, when enrolled in a thrice a week batch. We also have provision for longer breaks for exams and vacations when enrolled in our Quaterly, Semi-Annualy or Annually programs. Please refer to our leave policy document on our website for additional details.


We take client feedback very seriously at in2sports. Incase you are dissatisfied with any personnel you may reach our Director on 9871433773 or


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